Calla Lily | Change makes everything possible

CallaLily Paris founded in Paris, we offers different extraordinary jewelry with affordable price, jewelry can be change easily like you change clothes everyday! Make changes, make everything possible!


The 3 DNA of Calla Lily :

# AffordableLuxe  # SustainableFashion # VariationBeauty

Luxe can be affordable, Calla lily present high quality jewellery with affordable price. We cut down the price of physical  stores and over priced advertisements. In return, we are able to offer you high quality product with faire price. We'd like you to have more, different jewelry to go with your outfits, changing jewelry by your moods. 


With the eco-friendly craft technology, we reduce the toxic sewage disposal. Respect the nature is the code of calla lily. Nature is beauty, colours from the nature formed the world. We appreciate the variation of beauty, approach with glamour.