CallaLily Paris appreciates creative influencers with Interesting contents, join our influencer program and create high-value content with us


We offer: 

  1. Sponsored products from CallaLily Paris


To support your beautiful contents, Calla Lily will sincerely sponsor you and does not ask for ANY PAYMENT. All we want is that you can create more beautiful photos/ videos and contents. We'd like our influencers to show our products with personal character. You can be cool, elegant, romantic, city life, vacation…..etc. If we choose you, we want YOU to be YOU!!


  1. Discount code 


You will get 15% commission when your audiences shop from us, and 10% discount to your audiences!!


Wonderful things when you working with CallaLily Paris: 

1, Calla Lily holds events from time to time, we cooperate with other brands, we choose top influencers to join. You will be able to – receive the VIP tickets and meet with super stars and celebrities in our fashion events in the city of fashion- Paris.

2, Opportunities to Co-Design with Parisian designers to Crossover with Calla Lily!

3, Be the initiator of Calla Lily challenge matches on social media. 

4, Long Term Relationship: To cooperate with Calla Lily, you don’t have to own a massive amount of followers, we look for influencers who are talented and have the potential to shine in the future.  Calla Lily would like to grow up with you.


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